The Chew

Needless to say we were SO THRILLED to participate with anything having to do with The Chew.  Unfortunately, we will not be featured on the show.  Sorry, our SM person got a little carried away…

Food stations throughout the store

At the Time Warner Center Williams Sonoma

Dessert, anyone?

Some of the chefs stopped by!

But here’s what we DID do.  We were hired by ABC Daytime to do four major events for clients and advertisers for the show.    This means we won’t be coming to a small screen near you, but we’re still happy to be chosen to work with the show in any way.  We got to hang with creative geniuses behind the show, rub elbows with some famous chefs, and meet the people who make it all happen.  The ABC and Williams Sonoma staff were terrific to work with.  We did four events in total.  Check out our pictures below!