The Chew

Needless to say we were SO THRILLED to participate with anything having to do with The Chew.  Unfortunately, we will not be featured on the show.  Sorry, our SM person got a little carried away…

Food stations throughout the store

At the Time Warner Center Williams Sonoma

Dessert, anyone?

Some of the chefs stopped by!

But here’s what we DID do.  We were hired by ABC Daytime to do four major events for clients and advertisers for the show.    This means we won’t be coming to a small screen near you, but we’re still happy to be chosen to work with the show in any way.  We got to hang with creative geniuses behind the show, rub elbows with some famous chefs, and meet the people who make it all happen.  The ABC and Williams Sonoma staff were terrific to work with.  We did four events in total.  Check out our pictures below!


Best Ways to Cool off This Summer

Best Ways to Cool off This Summer

Summer is great. The weather warms up, kids are out of school, and everyone just seems to be in a better mood. While that is all great, the best part about summer is the excuse to eat ice cream…all the time. There is nothing better than beating the scorching NYC summer heat with a giant cone of ice cream (or gelato – we don’t discriminate). So we took the liberty to do some research and find the best ice cream and gelato places in the city. Here is what we found.

  1. Van Leewren Artisan Ice Cream – You have probably seen these guys around – they drive a yellow truck with a delicious list of ice cream flavors beside the serving window. But, if you have never stopped to try a scoop, it is about time you do. I don’t know if it is the local antibiotic free milk, the special ingredients they receive from the world’s finest small producers, or the charm of the vintage looking truck, but these guys know how toIce Cream Truck make some good ice cream. Some of the most popular flavors include palm sugar and earl grey tea.  Check out their website to find a truck near you.
  2. COOL HAUS – originally out of Los Angeles, these cool ice cream sandwiches have finally made their way to the east coast. And the best part – coolhausyou get to make your own masterpiece. You choose your exterior from a variety of cookie options, and then your filling from COOL HAUS’s delicious homemade ice cream. We recommend the captain crunch cookie with cookies and cream ice cream. Follow them on twitter to see where their trucks will be next.

  1. Momofuku Milk Bar – The Milk Bar puts out a lot of great treats (the cereal milkcompost cookie is one of our favorite), but their most unique item has to be their cereal milk soft serve. Infused with brown sugar and cereal, this cool treat is a great way to beat the heat. It is good plain, or for a little something extra you can add some cereal crunchies on top. But either way you go, you won’t be sorry.  Available at all the Milk Bar locations.
  2. Sundaes and Cones – The great thing about this place is that they provide customers with the opportunity to be a little more adventurous when it comes to ice cream consumption. Even though they do have plenty of the traditional flavors, you are better off trying something like ginger, red bean, or avocado. And if you really want to try something special, go for the black sesame. Check out their website for more information. Blue Marble
  3. Blue Marble – Originally out of Brooklyn, this ice cream hot spot has finally made its way to Manhattan. Using simple and seasonal flavors, Blue Marble makes a delicious assortment of both ice creams and soft serve. Whether it is in a stand up shop or in your local market, there are plenty of places to find these guys around the city.

  1. Il Labratorio del gelato – Up for the best gelato in the country, this place is worth a trip. In the heart of the Lower East Side, this laboratory Il Laboratariofeeling shop definitely stands out. Their flavors are seasonal and if you just can’t decide…you can get some to stay and some to go.  Check them out here.
  2. Grom – If anyone knows how to make good gelato – it’s the Italians. So you Grombetter believe that this Italian based company is able to produce some fantastic gelato. Using only the freshest fruit and finest milk, their flavors are seasonal and have an amazing depth of flavor. Find the location closest to you!