Warning: Don’t Read This While Hungry!


Back by special request, S’more Brownie Bites!!

First of all, my apologies for the long blog silence.  Herbnpeach has been remarkably busy this summer!  Usually city catering businesses slow down this time of year, but not for me. While keeping a handle on the New York end of things, I have challenged myself to make this year even better than last year for my #Scatico campers.  I am happy to report that, with the help of my amazing team, we are succeeding on all levels!

I have some really talented and dedicated cooks in my kitchen this year.  I can’t believe how much I love teaching kids how to do what I do.  I feel as though I get back so much from them!  Sometimes I literally get so much back from them, meaning in the form of food.  Let’s just say no one’s going hungry at Camp Scatico.  I hope you aren’t hungry right now, because the following dishes were just as delicious as they look…

Made with love.

Made with love.

In the first couple of classes, we took note of everyone’s allergies and talked about our favorite foods.  It turns out the campers have similar favorites: sushi, pickles, pizza, plus desserts.  (No surprise there.)  So we spent the next few weeks learning how to make our favorite foods.

The hydroponic garden tower has allowed me to really emphasize herbs this year.  We started with an herb tasting, but kicked it up a notch with fruit smoothies and some farm fresh snacks: kale chips and watermelon, feta with arugula salad.  The arugula was from our garden!

Keep an eye out for more photos, blog posts and details of our Camp Scatico adventures!!

Healthy snacks!

Healthy snacks!

Everyone loved making the sushi.

Everyone loved making the sushi.


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